Yesterday, it occured to me that I have hundreds of recipes saved up in drawers, binders, online bookmarks, recipe boxes, and magainzes — all set aside for me to make “sometime”.  I’ve been trying to declutter our house and organize things to make me feel like I can get more done.  And then I realized I still have so much to do in terms of home decorating to make our house feel and look like we actually plan on staying here for more than a year (which we do, for a little bit at least).  As I was pondering these earth-shattering topics, my beloved dog started acting like a fool – something that has been happening far too often lately.  We’ve really got to get him trained right to stop all this foolishness, I thought.  Oh, and then I reminded myself that I have a great idea for a book that I have been wanting to write for like 8 months now. 

I decided that it’s high time to get all this stuff done.  But how can I?  See,  I’m a procrastinator and, to be frank, I’m lazy.  If I can be watching TV or fiddling around on the internet, or tearing out recipes from magazines, I’m going to do that instead of laundry, dishes, figuring out how to train the dog, making a grocery list, and figuring out what color curtains to hang in the dining room.   
This conflict went on inside my head a bit and then a quote came to me.  “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  Good ol’ Thomas Jefferson, or TJ, as I like to call him.  The first time I saw TJ’s quote, I was about 12 and in my grandfather’s office.  He had a plaque hanging by his desk with this quote and a picture of some sort of landscape.  I remember reading the quote and thinking “hmm, that’s interesting”.  Seriously, that’s all I thought.  Not, “wow that blows my mind!  I’m going to make sure I do everything I can as soon as I can and not put anything off ever again!”  Nope, not me.  I just thought, hey, that’s one way of looking at life, but I’m good with my own way of just doing what I have to do and leaving everything else on the to do list.
Well, yesterday I decided I’d give ol’ TJ’s philosophy a try.  The decision began with a personal recipe challenge.  All those recipes I’ve kept and haven’t made?  I’m going to make them all within one year.
Yeh, that’s right, all of them.  In a year. 
And then it all kind of snowballed: I need to work on the house and train the dog right and write my story! Oh, and I’ll write a blog about it. 

So here we are.  The blog.
And here are the particulars:
I have already gone through all my saved recipes ripped from magazines and saved online.  I pulled out everything I have already made and everything that I only pulled out or bookmarked because I happened to think it looked pretty or would be cool but knew I’d never have any real interest in making.  And then I made a list.  A list of everything that was left, everything I will make within one year.  My list is 5 pages long.  It has 205 recipes on it.  They will all be completed by May 1, 2011.  I am a crazy person.


In addition to my crazy recipe challenge, I will also set goals for training our dog, decorating our house, and writing my story.  I’m not sure what those goals will be yet, but I’ll let you know.


Seems I’m “putting off until tomorrow” already.  Oh, the irony.