I can eat now!!  I spent some time a couple of weeks ago at my parents’ house for my birthday, about 10 days after my surgery.  For my birthday dinner I made Rosemary Chicken  Burgers which ended up being a big hit with my usually picky family.  They were delicious then and even more so the third time I made them for dinner on Monday 🙂  It’s definitely my new favorite burger. 

While I was at home I also started writing!  I stayed up until about 2:30am one night just writing a story. I have been writing since and have found several blogs by writers and about writing.  It’s helping me to get in the right state of mind so I just keep reading and learning.  Writing is harder than I remember.   I used to write all the time, several story ideas at a time, and if I wasn’t writing I was thinking about writing.  Now though, it’s as if I am stuck in my head too much and can’t stop self-editing.  In the past, my best stories were ones I just started writing, without thinking, without planning, without editing.  I have to figure out how to get back there. 

So in addition to eating and writing at home, I also went shopping.  It was fantastic.  I bought so much for the house and had planned to get most of it put up by now, but that hasn’t happened yet.  The weekend after being at home, we were out of town for a wedding.  Weekends are really the only time we can get things done around here, so I am planning to get on it this weekend.  Pictures will be posted soon!

I’m getting my butt in gear with this stuff, trying not to put things off too much.  Look for a new recipe tomorrow 🙂